Expert for Insulation Products - Distribution

Mike Beard

Merchant Development Director


Mike Beard

Working in a variety of sales and marketing roles within manufacturing and distribution (concrete products and insulation), Mike’s career in the construction industry has spanned an impressive 35 years, four of which have been with the Encon Group.

Mike’s extensive knowledge of different market sectors, their drivers and the products which meet ever changing building regulations place him as an authority in the constantly evolving landscape of construction.

His particular area of interest centres around Builders’ Merchants with a keen focus on the importance of the independent market and the potential for growth within this sector.

Encon Insulation

Trading as part of the Encon Group since 1981 alongside Nevill Long and PFC Corofil, Encon Insulation is the leading independent UK distributor of thermal and acoustic insulation, fire protection and roofing materials.

The company operates from an extensive national network of branches, carrying all major known and trusted brands under one roof in each location.

It is Encon’s mission to be the distributor of choice for its customers by providing a reliable service, high levels of technical support and excellence in product training through its strategically located Training Academies.

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Encon Insulation Comment: Q3 2019

Mike Beard, Merchant Development Director Encon Insulation is BMBI’s Expert for Insulation Products – Distribution.

The last quarter has been frustrating for everyone as the Westminster paralysis has taken its toll on business and consumer confidence, and delayed investment has held back the market.

If the general election resolves the paralysis the country can move on, however the election has had one potentially positive result already. Just as persistent problems of availability and rising prices eventually moved housing from the front pages to a priority for any UK government, energy efficiency and the poor state of our housing stock is also becoming a priority.

Take it with a pinch of salt or not, Labour’s hugely ambitious promise to invest billions to cut carbon emissions by 10% with ‘Warm Homes for All’ is the largest home improvement programme in decades. The scheme aims to spend £60bn to encourage a total investment of £250bn by offering every UK household the chance of “upgrading the fabric of (their) home with insulation and cutting-edge heating systems”. We have learned to be cynical of election promises and over complicated schemes like the Green Deal, but insulation is now firmly at the heart of Britain’s future. Other parties must surely come up with their own schemes to tackle what is recognised as a serious problem: Britain’s housing stock is the least energy efficient in Europe.

Assuming the election does break the parliamentary stand-off, construction will be released to grow again, which will have a positive impact on the building materials sector. That will then shift the focus on to the supply of materials – for example the capacity to meet the growing demand for plasterboard is limited – and on to labour where there are skills shortages at many stages of the construction process.

One area that really does need more focus is achieving new build designs that aim to eradicate heat loss right from the beginning. Ensuring compliance to increased design standards to achieve this would also need the correct checks for public and industry reassurance.