Q4 2021 BMBI Executive Summary Report

This Builders Merchant Building Index (BMBI) report contains data from GfK’s ground-breaking Builders Merchants Panel, which analyses data from over 80% of generalist builders’ merchants’ sales throughout Great Britain. GfK’s Builders Merchant Point of Sale Tracking Data sets a gold standard in reliable market trends. Unlike data from sources based on relatively small samples or estimates, or sales from suppliers to the supply chain, this up-to-date data is based on actual sales from merchants to builders and other trades. It’s therefore a very good proxy for housing RMI.

The monthly series tracks what is happening in the market month by month and includes an in-depth review every quarter. This trend series gives the industry access to far more accurate and comprehensive insights than that available to other construction sectors. BMBI index data is calculated using the 12 month base period July 2014 to June 2015.

The Executive Summary provides a snap shot on total value sales and trends from Britain’s Builders’ Merchants for Quarter 4 2021 (October to December) and can be downloaded here.

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